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Von Klaus Winery - Wine List

All Von Klaus wines are original recipe, all natural ingredients without preservatives or added sulfites.

Apple Sauced
A combination of hand-picked golden and red delicious apples, caramel and cinnamon.
Black Bear
We took our blackberry wine (with its subtle bourbon notes), blended it with aged brandy, and aged it in Driftless Glen Bourbon Barrels - for a smooth bourbon taste.
Black Ice
By freezing delicious, fresh-picked blackberries and blending them with crisp apples; we create a smooth, rich, semi-sweet wine, unlike anything you've tasted!
Black Velvet
Deep blackberries and Merlot grapes. We blend delicious blackberries with California Merlot grapes to make a delightfully full-bodied red.
A pure blend of 100% Wisconsin cranberries, very smooth and subtle.  This semi-sweet table wine is fabulous to enjoy on its own and outstanding with turkey, ham and wild game.
Cranberry Cab
A smooth and delectable blend of 100% Wisconsin cranberries, and delicious Cabernet grapes.
Devil's Dry
Dry, but remarkably fruity; Riesling and Concord grapes slowly fermented; pleasing to the nose as well as the palate. A great wine for any occasion!
Devil's Red
Flawless and full-bodied; a special blend of Riesling and Concord grapes create an ideal red dinner wine.  The sweet sister to Devil’s Dry with a smooth, rich, and flavorful finish!
Ferry Crossing
A delightful Semi-Dry Red Blend with a hint of Wild Cherry.
Glacier Mist
A fantastic blend of apples, strawberries & kiwis.  A semi-sweet table wine vibrant with flavor; distinctively different from any other fruit wine with a finish as clean as a mountain spri...
Haunted Passion
Well balanced blueberries and pomegranates. Carefully fermented to retain the freshness of pomegranates and blueberries.
Ice Breaker
A seasonal blend of Brandy, wine, cranberries, honey & spices. This port-style wine is the perfect holiday treat; aged brandy, Cabernet grapes, cranberries, honey and mulling spices.
Inland Harbor
Concord wine and aged Brandy; oaked to perfection! This smooth, sweet port-style wine is blended with concord wine and brandy and aged for 4 months in French toasted oak.
Inland Reserve
Bourbon barrel aged Concord wine and brandy. A complex blend of Concord wine and brandy aged to perfection in a bourbon barrel from Baraboo’s own Driftless Glen Distillery
Life Sentence
Fruit forward Concord with Merlot grapes. A jammy and delicious blend of Concord and Merlot grapes.
Marry Me Berry
Grapes, apples, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries! An amazing blend of five different fruits make this remarkably light and fruity blend a favorite for weddings and parties.
Millions of Peaches
Perfectly ripe peaches with a touch of Riesling grapes. A fresh taste of deliciously ripened peaches that taste like they are fresh off the tree.
Naked Grape
Removing the juice from the Concord grape skins right away, and blending them with smooth delicious Riesling grapes creates a delicious, semi-sweet white table wine you're sure to love!
Peach Perfect
A "perfect" balance of peaches and Chardonnay grapes.
Razzle Dazzle
We combine German white grapes to make a Rhine wine, then blended it perfectly with our Red Raspberry wine for a little - Razzle Dazzle!
Red Raspberry
Locally harvested raspberries create a very nice fruit wine light and semi-sweet. You'll love raspberries in a glass. Especially delightful with dark chocolate!
Ruby Raz
Locally harvested raspberries create a very nice fruit wine light and semi-sweet. You'll love raspberries in a glass.
Totally Crazin'
A Crazy mix of cranberries and a nice White Zinfandel - Light and Delicious!
Tree O' Mangos
Deliciously tropical mangos and local cranberries - Yum! An amazing blend of tart cranberries and sweet mango come together for a tropical explosion of flavor! 
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